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Five Crowns Wedding Shoot

My daughter and I were recently involved in an amazing wedding photo shoot shot by Bliss Blue Sky’s Photography at Five Crowns, a unique venue located in Corona del Mar, Orange County.

My good friend Deb created the amazing painting behind the bride and groom.

Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar from Erik Thienes on Vimeo.

I always love to watch Deb work.

Deb Allen Art

My daughter snuck in as a flower girl model at the last minute. That was a lot of fun for her and me.

Hair and make-up and hanging out with pretty girls in pretty dresses?! It was her dream come true.

I designed the wedding invitations, place cards and signage. It was really fun to be part of something so beautiful with so many local artists.

Can’t wait to work with everyone again! Full vendor list here.

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